Incense burner (Japan)

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Life in Japan is all about finding the right balance. This spirit is reflected in every aspect of life, work and society. After a busy day at work, it is time to come home and relax.
Japanese people still know how to appreciate peace and quiet, and take very good care about their mental and physical well being. More and more people in the Western world start to open up for the spiritual assets from the East: Zen, Yoga, Shiatsu, wellness massage, and so on. The rich Asian cultures are becoming more and more popular.

Imagine yourself sitting on a Tatami, surrounded by only a single Bonsai and a Kouro (incense burner). See the smoke curtain slowly climb and inhale the relaxing scent of the burned incense.
Close you eyes and feel the peace in mind as time slowly passes… enjoy…
This incense burner will help you to relax and bring your mind at ease. It is made in long-lasting, durable Zinc alloy.
The design is unique and the curves are beautiful to the eye, matching every surrounding. The highly decorative design resembles the ‘seven autumn flowers’. These are the 7 plants that are famous in Japan and known to bloom after the summer.

Material: Zinc Alloy (Die-cast)
Dimension: W95mm x D95mm x H123mm (W3.7in x D3.7in x H4.8in)
Weight: 1100g

The incense burner comes in a wooden box and is packed in traditional Japanese style. This makes it very suitable to be used as a valuable gift. Some incense cones are included so the experience can start right away.

The incense burner may become hot, so be careful not to touch the metal when in use or shortly after use. Make sure it is placed on a stable underground so it can not fall over. Make sure it cannot be reached by children. The purpose of the incense burner is to burn incense, so please refrain from burning other things.

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Price: 96,50 €
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